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Domestic and International Adoption Homestudies; Step-parent and Second-parent Adoption Homestudies; Pre-Adoption and Post-Placement Services and Reports in New York City (5 boroughs), Long Island (Nassau County, Suffolk County), Westchester, Rockland, Hudson Valley and Upstate New York Counties.

Caring, Professional services from the most experienced NYS licensed, agency affiliated social workers. Over the years, we have developed expertise about the specifics of adoption for New Yorkers. We work closely with a network of adoption resources throughout the country, including adoption attorneys and domestic and international adoption agencies.

We assist families with New York State Pre-Certification and with USCIS approval. We ensure that your home study meets the standards of the New York Courts, USCIS, your placement agency, as well as those of the country from which you are adopting. Our studies meet all of the requirements for domestic and international adoption.

Adoption Home Studies
All of the social workers listed on this website are affiliated with New York State authorized adoption agencies and have the flexibility to provide independent or agency home studies. When you choose to work with us, you have the opportunity to work with select, experienced social workers who know all of the legal requirements and regulations concerning adoptions.

What is an Adoption Home Study?
An Adoption Home Study can be described in two ways.  It is, technically, a report that describes your family, explaining your current lives and lifestyle, your family histories, your decision to adopt and your experiences and attitudes about adoption and parenting issues.  But a home study is much more than that.  It is a process of communication between potential adoptive parents and the social worker about the adoption process, the emotional and social implications (for the parents and the child) of the adoption, and the health and adjustment issues that the child may have upon joining his or her family.  It is an opportunity, not only for the social worker to get to know you, but for you to get to know more about yourselves, to ask questions about adoption, and to reflect on your path to parenthood.  The home study report is prepared as a result of your interviews with your social worker, who will ensure that it meets the standards for the type of adoption you are pursuing. It is a required step in adoption and will be needed for NYS Pre-Certification or USCIS approval.

Adoption Consultation
An Adoption Consultation helps potential adoptive families clarify their thinking about their options.  We help families identify the kind of adoption which will best fit in with their family planning.

We provide information and referrals to adoption resources, including agencies, attorneys and adoptive parent support groups.

Pre Adoption Services
Each kind of adoption (independent, agency, domestic or international) has its own specific requirements. We are here to help you meet those requirements so that your adoption process can move along smoothly.

Post Adoption Reports and Counseling
New York Home Study Service provides post-adoption services for adoptive families.  These include Post-Placement visits and reports for both international and domestic adoptions and counseling for families seeking assistance with adoption-related issues after placement or finalization. Adoption is a life-long process and we are available to provide counseling services whenever the need arises.
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