Connie Mancini Haack


Most of my career has been spent working with or planning for children. Initially I was a social worker for a local social service agency working in foster care, residential treatment center care and adoption. I have worked in the fields of adolescent counseling, psychotherapy and parent support and education groups. For the past 20 years I have been a Social Worker in Private Practice conducting adoption home studies and post placement reports for domestic and international adoption. I also meet with families interested in adoption for a Consultation to assist them in developing an individualized plan for their adoption.

I have been privileged to work with families and singles of various ages and backgrounds and have been happy to meet their children and watch their families grow. I have developed relationships with a network of adoption professionals and agencies. In the late 1990s I worked with 2 of my social work colleagues in the adoption field to develop the Website,   We later added 3 additional social workers to our group and now provide comprehensive services over a wider geographical area. We also provide peer consultation to each other that has been very helpful to all of us. Since 2003 all international home studies must be conducted through a licensed New York State agency. I am affiliated with several licensed New York State agencies and now conduct all my international home studies through one of my agency affiliations. I continue to work as a Private Practitioner for domestic home studies.

I am a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers Academy of Certified Social Workers. I am also a regular speaker at adoption meetings and conferences on adoption. I generally speak on Preparing for the Adoption Home Study or Choosing the Method of Adoption that Works for You. I have also done presentations on Presenting Adoption to Your Child at Different Developmental Stages. As I am now considered to be an expert in this field, I have been quoted in magazine articles on adoption. One such quote included the following: “The Home Study is generally a fair process. It isn’t about someone grilling you, but a time in which you are not only giving information to a social worker but one where you are getting information as well. The social worker wants you to succeed; they are trying to help people adopt, not eliminate them.” During my home study I spend time helping to prepare families and individuals for the questions others will ask about adoption. I talk about how to present adoption to children at different developmental stages. I give out reading materials that I have prepared on these topics.

On a personal note, I work very hard to be nonjudgmental. I see myself as an advocate for the families and individuals that I work with. Families have told me that they feel comfortable speaking with me and that I can help to make the home study a pleasant experience. One recent note that I received indicated, “Our great thanks to you for your professionalism and care.” I am the parent of 2 children and always remember what it feels like to be the Interviewee in interviews like the home study.

Connie Mancini Haack

Westchester County, Manhattan, Putnam County, Dutchess County.
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