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 Lori P. Kling, LMSW – Biography

I began working in the field of adoption in 1980 when, as a second year graduate student at Columbia University School of Social Work, I was awarded a Federal Child Welfare Training Fellowship to work for a special Columbia University adoption project. Our purpose was to identify and reduce the obstacles preventing New York City foster children from finding permanent adoptive homes. After earning my MSW degree in 1981, I began working in the adoption department of one of New York City’s voluntary foster care/adoption agencies.

My clients were children who were considered “hard-to-place” by virtue of their age, racial background or special needs.  During my twelve years with this and a subsequent agency, I helped many children find loving, adoptive families, including older children, sibling groups and children with special needs ranging from emotional and behavioral difficulties to Downs Syndrome to HIV. The resiliency of the children was what struck me most.  Seeing them blossom when they were placed with a family that could give them the love they needed and deserved is something I will never forget.

While many families who contacted these agencies were interested in adopting children from the foster care system, many others were looking to adopt healthy infants or toddlers.  Others were interested in international adoption.  While we occasionally counseled pregnant birth mothers and helped them plan adoption for their infants, by the mid 1980s, this was a fairly rare occurrence. More birth mothers were using attorneys to plan adoptions.  Openness in adoption was becoming more prevalent.  Adoptions were becoming more global.  The advent of the internet would expand the adoption world exponentially over the next few years.

In 1988, recognizing the need families had for up-to-date information, resources and support; I started my private practice,Adoption Options. I networked with a wide range of adoption professionals, including domestic and international adoption agenciesadoption attorneyssocial workers and adoptive parent support groups. I attended and then became a featured speaker at area adoption conferences.  In my (approx.) 20 years in private practice, I have worked with hundreds of adoptive families.

I work with families throughout the New York metropolitan area, conducting home studies, assisting with New York State pre-certification, providing post-placement adoption services and reports, consultations and adoption related counseling. I have conducted home studies for families who have adopted throughout the United States; their babies coming from states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, Florida, Texas and California.  I have provided home studies for families adopting internationally from countries including China, Russia, India, Ethiopia, Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Ukraine, Romania and Armenia.

Since conducting the homestudy for the first second-parent adoptioncase approved in New York, I have developed a sub-specialty in working with non-traditional adoptive families (single parents, gay and lesbian, step-parent adoptions).

I work with a wide range of attorneys and domestic and international adoption agencies. All international home studies are conducted through the New York State licensed adoption agency that I am affiliated with, as required by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Domestic home studies can be converted to agency home studies if necessary.

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Lori P. Kling

Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan

Voice: (516) 822-5626 Fax: (516) 822-3465 Email: lorikling@nyhomestudy.comlorikling@skurnik.com


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