Post Adoption Services

After you adopt, you will most likely need to have at least one post-placement visit and report. The number and frequency of required post placement services vary depending on the particulars of your adoption. A Post-Placement Visit usually involves an in-home interview with the adoptive family and observation of the newly adopted child.  After the visit, your New York Adoption Home Study social worker will write a report about the family’s and child’s adjustment that can be submitted to the international placement agency, the child’s birth country or (in the case of domestic placements) to the placing agency, the Interstate Compact On The Placement of Children, or to the Court. Post-Placement visits may also be required for adoption finalization in New York State and for re-adoptions in New York of children adopted internationally.

Post Adoption Counseling

New York Home Study Service provides post-adoption counseling for families seeking assistance with adoption-related issues after placement or finalization. Adoption is a life-long process and we are available to provide counseling services whenever the need arises.

Home Study Conversions and Agency Post-Placement Services

Sometimes families change their route to adoption.  If you started with domestic adoption and had an independent home study, but have decided instead to adopt internationally, your homestudy will need to be “converted” to an agency homestudy.  Because our social workers are agency-affiliated, we have the ability to convert a homestudy that was done independently to an agency homestudy, if required for the type of adoption you have chosen.

In cases where you are involved in an interstate, independent adoption, agency post-placement services may be required even though you may have had an independent practitioner home study. If we have completed your home study, we can provide your post-placement supervision through a New York State Authorized agency.

International Adoptions require agency post-placement visits and reports.

If You Wish To Adopt Again…

If you make the decision to adopt again, your New York Adoption Home Study Social Worker is here to assist you.  We can update your adoption homestudy and help you connect with the adoption agency or attorney that can help you expand your family.

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