Pre-Adoption Services

Each type of adoption (independent, agency, domestic or international) has its own specific requirements.  The Social Workers of New York Adoption Home Study Service are here to help you meet those requirements so  your adoption process can move along smoothly.   From helping you choose the type of adoption you wish to pursue and that best fits your family, to conducting your adoption homestudy, to conferring with your agency or attorney on your behalf, we are here to help ensure that your adoption dream becomes a reality.

Adoption Consultations

Families just beginning the adoption process are faced with a confusing array of adoption options. Choices must be made between domestic and international adoption, between independent and agency adoption, and among a variety of agencies and/or adoption attorneys. An adoption consultation helps potential adopters clarify their thinking about these choices, identify their priorities, and choose the kind of adoption and the resource that will best suit their family.  Your social worker is available to discuss any particular concerns you have about the adoption process and to answer your questions as you embark on your adoption journey.

Adoption Referrals

The  Adoption Social Workers of are familiar with a wide range ofadoption resources, including domestic and international adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, physicians and therapists who specialize in adoption, adoption officials (NYS, USCIS, Interstate Compact) and adoptive parent support groups.  We are happy to provide information and referrals to our clients. Recommended adoption resources

Adoption Home Studies for Domestic and International Adoptions

An Adoption Home Study is required for every type of adoption.  In a series of interviews that will include at least one home visit, you and your New York Adoption Home Study social worker will discuss a wide variety of topics, including your decision to adopt, the characteristics of the child you are hoping to adopt, adoption and child rearing issues, your lifestyle and value system and your personal history. Each of the social workers listed on this website has at least twenty years of experience conducting adoption home studies.  We strive to write individualized reports that bring your special qualities to light.  Our goal is to help others understand the kind of family you will be for an adopted child and to help you understand the special issues of adoptive parenting.

Assistance With Meeting the Requirements of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

Families who are planning to adopt internationally must be approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Immigration forms and procedures can be very confusing to the novice. We help our families complete the forms and understand the processes and their timing. Since each Immigration office has its own unique manner of functioning, it is important for families to receive advice from knowledgeable home study providers in the New York area.

Your New York Adoption Home Study Social Worker will assist you in acquiring your criminal and child abuse clearances as required by USCIS and your agency.

Assistance With  New York State Pre-Certification

Families who are planning to adopt independently in New York State (private placement adoption) must be pre-certified by the court in the county in which they reside, prior to taking custody of a child.  While your adoption attorney files your petition for pre-certification, your social worker will be conducting your homestudy, which she will then submit to the court so that you can be approved as a Qualified Adoptive Family.  Some domestic agencies also require that families become pre-certified.

As You Wait….

We know that waiting for the assignment  and/or placement of  your  child  can be very stressful.   Whether you are  pursuing a  domestic or an international adoption, you may feel the need for reassurance , support  or additional information during this time. We are  available to our clients throughout the adoption process.

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